This Tiny Cat Was Doused In Gas And Dumped In A Plastic Bag

A cat estimated to be only around a year old was found in a trash bag in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA on April 4.She was saved by two employees working on a delivery truck who heard meowing coming from a bin. They investigated the source of the sound and quickly discovered the tiny feline in a plastic bag, trapped in blankets, and completely covered in gas.


 Source: HVT Reading

The men rushed to take the feline out of the bag and to alocal shelter, where volunteers were horrified by her state. Chelsea Cappellano, coordinator of the rescue center explains:

This is the worst animal cruelty case I've ever seen or experienced. We are so thankful to these men and the trash company for bringing her in. Many people would turn a blind eye in this situation, but they were proactive in getting her the help she needs.

Source: HVT Reading

Initial medical tests were conducted at the shelter before they quickly realized that the feline needed specialist care, so they brought local veterinary center where staff were ready and waiting to treat the cat's severe injuries.Dr.Kimya Davani, a veterinarian for the Humane Veterinary Hospitals, described the terrible condition in which he found the cat, who was later named Maisy:

The technicians spent all day bathing and drying her. The gas was so embedded in her fur that she wasn't drying, and because of this her internal body temperature had dropped. We had to shave most of her body in order to get her temperature up again. She is also very underweight and suffering from skin sensitivity.


 Source: HVT Reading

Maisy's condition eventually began to stabilize, but the long-term effects of her prolonged exposure to gas are still unknown. It is still possible that she could encounter lung or neurological problems in the future.However, the little cat has proved that she is determined to survive and continues to get stronger each and every day. When she is ready, she will be put up for adoption to find a loving family, ready to help her forget her tragic start in life.

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