This Terrified Moose Was Trapped In A Frozen River For So Long He Nearly Gave Up

Andrea A.

Three young people in Sweden stumbled upon a striking scene while taking a stroll across a frozen lake in the beginning of February.


Source : YouTube

They were walking along theBergö fjord when they spotted a moose trapped in the frozen lake, trying desperately to escape.


Source : YouTube

Sigrid Sjösteen, Viktor Johannessen andSigrid Sjösteen did not hesitate for a moment to drop their skis and come to the aid of the terrified animal. Viktor explained:

We saw the moose trying to escape, but he could not manage to get up, neither to break the ice. My partner, Sigrid Sjösteen, started breaking the ice with an axe so that he could move to shallower waters and escape. We took turns breaking the ice for around 30 minutes, before the animal was out of harm's way.

Source : YouTube

Sigrid opened a pathway to the river bank with the axe, and the moose got out and walked into the forest.Viktor told local news, Västerbottens-Kuriren:

One could almost say he wanted to thank us. We were so relieved to have been able to save him.

Source : YouTube

This adventure will not soon be forgotten by the young friends, and the moose made it out with his life thanks to their kind spirits.Watch the full video of the incredible rescue mission below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exuXCTk38r0[/embed]

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