This Terrified Dog Refused To Let Anyone Come Near Him Until He Realized He Was Saved

Andrea A.

Mozart, a German shepherd, was rescued last month by the association Hope for Paws, located in Los Angeles, and celebrated for their moving videos of animal rescue, which they post on their YouTube.


Source: Hope for Paws

Mozart had been living on the streets for a while, wandering near a medical clinic, where he was spotted by a young boy. He immediately notified the organization who arrived onsite in the hope of helping the dog, exposed to the dangers of the busy streets surrounding the clinic.


Source: Hope for Paws

Eldad Hagar, founder of the association, toldThe Dodo:

I don't know how long Mozart was out there, but he smelled like a dead animal which is an indicator that he had been out for a long time.

Source: Hope for Paws

Bizarrely, Mozart did not stop circling the clinic, as if he was waiting for someone. Sadly, no one was able to explain his behavior, and the mystery will undoubtedly remain unsolved. Rescuing Mozart proved to be more difficult than first thought. The animal refused to let anyone approach him and fled at the approach of his saviors.Neither food nor encouragements were able to calm him, and Mozart stayed a respectable distance away from the team. Eldad explained that Mozart wasn't afraid of certain security guards for the clinic. He added:


Source: Hope for Paws

When they realized we were trying to help, they quickly moved to close the gates. Once they got him to go in, they closed the gate and we had him where we wanted him.

That did not stop Mozart from continuing to try and flee, despite the confined space. Eldad was finally able to catch the animal. The canine immediately calmed, even though he still seemed a little nervous around the caresses of his rescuers. Mozart finally realized that the team didn't want to hurt him, quite the opposite in fact, and he relaxed.


Source : Hope for Paws

Once Mozart was in the car, Eldad went straight to the veterinarian for a complete health exam and a well-deserved bath. The dog was not microchipped, so he was placed with a foster family in San Diego, while he waits for a forever home.


Source: Hope for Paws

Eldad continues to follow Mozart's evolution. He explained:

I visited him a few days ago in his foster home, and he is loving his life with his foster parents and all the dogs who are playing with him all day.

Source: Hope for Paws

Watch the video of the rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzFeb3Hx-qM[/embed]

H/t: The Dodo