This Stray Dog Was Scared Of Everyone, But His Rescuers Refused To Give Up


Last September, the American animal protection group Hope for Pawsreceived a call from a Los Angeles resident telling them about the presence of a stray dog, in visibly bad shape, near his home.Immediately, two volunteers rushed to the scene and discovered a Cocker spaniel, starving and fearful. Having probably been beaten by his former owner, the animal fled as soon as anyone approached him.



Source: Youtube/HopeforPaws 

Lisa Arturo attempted to tempt him with a cheeseburger, but in vain. As soon as she advanced in his direction, the dog, incredibly anxious, ran away.The two volunteers decided to position themselves each one on a side of the house, so that they could encircle him. The strategy worked: with the help of a sort of lasso, they were able to get a leash around the dog's neck.


Source: Youtube/HopeforPaws

Finally immobilized, he accepted to eat the cheeseburger that Lisa offered him. Visibly starving - as if he hadn't eaten in days - he devoured it. The volunteers next tried to win over his trust. The petted him and showed him he had nothing to fear. Less and less suspicious, Amos (as Lisa decided to call him) finally let her hold him.


Source: Youtube/HopeforPaws

Lisa and her coworker brought him to a veterinary clinic where he got a haircut, washed and fed. A few days later, he had his eyelid operated on and was sterilized.


Source: Youtube/HopeforPaws

He will be recovering at the association's shelter, after which, he will be put up for adoption. While he waits, he will receive all the love that he deserves from the Hope for Paws teams.


Source: Youtube/HopeforPaws

If you wish to help other dogs like Amos, you can make a donation toHope For Paws, here. The NGO insists that every contribution counts.Here is the video of the moving rescue:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOliZ3Dp9gA[/embed]