This Stray Dog, Agonizingly Burned After Falling Into Boiling Water, Had Given Up All Hope


Last August, a new video was posted on Indian animal rescue group, Animal Aid Unlimited's, YouTube channel. It featured a very unfortunate pup, who had fallen into a vat of boiling water and was suffering in terrible pain. After receiving a call from a concerned passer-by, the organization's volunteers leapt into action.

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Huddled alone in an abandoned house, lying on a pile of dirty blankets, the poor pooch didn't even have the strength to get up, or try to run when the group came to see her. After delicately moving her into a clean blanket, the volunteers took her back to their shelter in the city of Udaipur.Once there, their medical team found that her stomach and legs were horrendously burned, and her damaged skin was already rotting; they had to move quickly. Despite her excruciating pain, the puppy stayed quiet and well behaved throughout her appointment.

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

In the days that followed, the veterinarians started to remove the dead skin; painful, but necessary to avoid infection. A week later, they had removed every last bit of dead skin, covering her instead in a layer of soothing cream and bandages. The long road to recovery could finally begin.

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

After 3 months of treatment the dog, named Basanti, is completely unrecognizable! Playful and affectionate, she spends her time running and cuddling with the other dogs who stay at the shelter. Although she has suffered and nearly lost her life, Basanti can now live in the knowledge that she is loved by the volunteers who saved her life.Thanks to her rescuers, Basanti has been given a second chance, far from the streets where she grew up. However, many like her still suffer, alone and in pain every day. You can help by donating to Animal Aid Unlimited, to help sponsor their volunteers and the life-saving care they give to animals in Udaipur.

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited

To follow their YouTube channelclick here, or makemake a donation here.See the video of Basanti's rescue below:(Warning: Viewers may find some images distressing)[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7WrpX9TJnU[/embed]

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