This Starving Dog Was Forced To Get Pregnant Over And Over So They Could Sell Her Puppies

The horrifying discovery of the SPCA of Charleroi, Belgium, is new evidence - if you needed some- of the disasterous consequences of puppy mills.Alerted by a complaint concerning the suspicious sale of young puppies online, the investigative team at the Charleroi shelter paid a visit to the address of the seller in question in Souvret. Once there, the investigators stumbled upon a desolate spectacle: a mother of eight puppies, so thin that her bones showed through her skin.In critical condition, the dog was immediately seized by the SPCA and taken to the closest vet. Her owner used her as a reproductive mother, impregnating her continuously to sell her babies.



She fed the animal so little - if anything at all - despite the animal's worrying frailty, and yet did not hesitate to reproche the inspectors for "bothering everyone." The dog weighed 22 pounds less than she should at the moment of her rescue. She was given special dog treats to regain her strength quickly.Her case illustrates the danger of Internet animal sales, which causes certain owners to exploit the reproductive capacities of their animals, completely neglecting their health and well-being. The assistant director at the shelter in Charleroi, Nathalie Van Namen explained:

We have successfully saved animals in her condition in the past, and we are hopeful. This little dog is amazing with humans despite what she went through. 


A new occasion for the SPCA to remind people who wish to welcome a dog or cat into their home that animals are not merchandise, and it is recommended not to buy them. Shelters are full of animals who are waiting for a loving family. In addition to saving a life and making a new furry friend incredibly happy, adoption is the best weapon against the cruel trafficking of animals.


Source: SPCA de Charleroi

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