This 14-Year-Old Cat Was Starving To Death In A Mobile Home


A cat was saved from an animal hoarderin Yuma, Arizona where she lived with 40 other cats and two dogs in a nightmare trailer. The feline weighed less than four pounds, the size of a four-month-old kitten, despite being over 14 years old.


Source: Saving Raggedy Ann

The severely neglected animal was skin and bones, and rescuers from The Humane Society weren't sure she would make it.Thankfully, Saving One Lifestepped in and took her in. The cat, named Raggedy Ann, was in critical condition, but her foster mom knew just what to do.


Source: Saving Raggedy Ann

Her foster mom,Brianne Youngberg, told Love Meow:

When the director and I saw the photo, our hearts just broke. Our wonderful director agreed that she is the reason that Saving One Life exist, but warned me that just from that photograph my fostering would more than likely be hospice care.

But Ann, as she's called, never stopped fighting. She could not lift her head or move very much due to the extreme muscle loss, but her new mom made sure that she was comfortable, giving her a warm bed to relax in.


Source: Saving Raggedy Ann

Youngberg gave the feline wet cat food mixed with water, so her malnourished body could relearn to digest, and little by little, she's putting on weight.

Everyday my husband and I are blown away with how much progress that she has made. She is now out and about, socializing with our cats and other fosters, climbing the cat trees and playing with toys. I think at least once a day we look at her and comment that she is a true feline now.

Source: Saving Raggedy Ann

The sweet girl loves cuddles with her family and is amazing them every day with her loving personality. Ann has tripled in weight and is almost 10 pounds now.


Source: Saving Raggedy Ann

You can follow her progress on her very own Facebook page. She is still looking for her forever family, so if you are interested in adopting this adorable cat you can find her adoption page here.

H/t: Love Meow