This Sneaky Golden Retriever Plays Dead So He Can Stay In The Park For Longer

Andrea A.

Dogs are never ready to leave the park. They could stay there all day and all of the night sniffing some unexplored territory. But not all dogs are quite as clever as thisGolden Retriever, the star of this video posted onYouTube in 2013who has been viewed over 9 million times.Whilst out for a walk in a park inAtlanta, US, the idea of going home is a complete no-no.So to make sure he can stay in the park for longer, he's perfected a very sneaky technique. And a ratherdisconcerting one at that too.


Source : @YouTube

He essentially plays dead. As his human approaches, his acting skills come into action and it seems he finds it impossible to move. He's a rock and he won't be budged.When his human tries to lift him, he acts completely limp, falling straight back down onto the grass. No, teasing him with a stick won't work either!


Source : @YouTube

It seems all of his human's efforts to get him up are in vain.


Source : @YouTube

Until he has one more idea that might do the trick.Watch the hilarious video here:[embed][/embed]