This Skeletal Husky Was Beaten To Death By His Owner In Southeastern France

Andrea A.

In le Var, southeastern France, French charity Fondation Assistance aux Animaux, along with police and fireman, visited a man's house whereupon they discovered something truly awful: a Husky on the verge of death.As the charity reports (in French), it was the firemen and the police who discovered the poor animal while they were already at the man's house. They immediately alerted the charity to send people to come and help the dog.

husky battu à mort

Source: Fondation Assistance aux Animaux

Very weak, emaciated, and covered in blow marks, he could not even get up and seemed to be in great pain.The charity quickly organised a vet to come to the spot whereupon they received the following verdict: the poor pup had no chance. The injuries were so bad that the dog couldn't even be moved. He was only 12 kilos and bore the marks of a dog who had been beaten his whole life.The vet also noted numerous fractures on his body, indicating that he was frequently beaten.TheFondation d'Assistance aux Animaux has filed a complaint for "animal cruelty" against the Husky's owner, who is already familiar with the police for numerous cases of violence. He risks paying a fine of 30,000 euros ($37,000), as well as facing a prison sentence of up to two years.What the charity deplores is being too late, and not being able to save this dog who had spent his life in fear and suffering. "Nobody found the courage to denounce the ordeal he suffered every day".The charity states that "silent witnesses' share responsibility for stories such as this, and that it is our duty to report any abusive behaviour towards an animal in order to help them.