This Skeletal Dog Fainted At The Shelter From Exhaustion, But Today She's Unrecognizable

Andrea A.

When she arrived at the Fulton Country Animal Service shelter in the state of Georgia, Tee Tee, a black pitbull, weighed just 33 lbs, when a healthy dog her age should weight at least 55 lbs reports The Dodo. One month after she arrived, Tee Tee collapsed in exhaustion.


Source: Friends to the Forlorn

Found wandering in an alarming state, the poor pooch had little chance of leaving the shelter. That is until Jason Flatt, co-founder of the associationFriends to the Forlorn, got wind of her story. Touched, the American decided to intervene. He told theThe Dodo :

She couldn't stand. She couldn't walk. She couldn't lift her head.

Source: Friends to the Forlorn

Tee Tee was then taken to the veterinarian, where tests revealed that she had a severe case of heartworm - a disease where parasites appears in the heart. She received several fluid transfusions, before she was finally able to stand again.

Tee Tee did not return to the shelter. She was given to a family for emergency fostering where she was finally able to experience the warmth of a loving home for the first time in her life.


Source: Friends to the Forlorn

She has since gained weight and now weighs 40 lbs. Tee Tee is also no longer the lonely pup she once was. She has made several friends to play with.


Source: Friends to the Forlorn

Tee Tee is recovering perfectly from her terrible ordeal. Soon, she can even join a new family. In the meantime, you can help her on her journey to health by clicking here to donate to her cause.

H/t: The Dodo