This Sick Little Dog Was Thrown Off A Cliff And Pelted With Rocks By 2 Young Boys


Animal protection groupAnimal Welfare Networkhas released a shocking video showing 2 young boys pushing a little white dog off a 20-ft high cliff in Carenage, Trinidad.

Source: AnimalWelfareNetwork

The dog, who then spent a harrowing few minutes being pelted with rocks by the boys, was finally left alone to die in the freezing water of the storm drain she'd fallen into. The situation looked bleak. Luckily, the pooch was seen by a nearby resident, who raised the alarm and contacted Animal Welfare Network. A spokesperson for the association told Looptt:

That small white dot in the picture is a dog, who it seems was thrown over the edge of a 20ft river/drain because the poor animal had maggots. An AWN member got a call and with the help of some VERY caring special residents who along with the AWN member climbed down with a harness and rescued the dog.

Source: AnimalWelfareNetwork

After her rescue the dog, named Lilly, was taken to a veterinarian, who could assess her injuries and decide how best to treat her. The spokesperson continued:

Many thanks to Dr. Clermond for coming out at 1am to deal with our emergency callout. Lilly is resting comfortably for now. She has multiple fractures, trauma, and a severed tail all caused by the fall when she was thrown over the river's edge.

Source: AnimalWelfareNetwork

Even if the 2 boys are eventually identified, local legislation about animal abuse is not easily enforced, or particularly strong. Animal Welfare Network has asked people living in the local area to write their MPs to get them to change the laws to punish animal abusers more harshly.To learn more about the Animal Welfare Network, visit their Facebook pageby clicking here.Watch the video of the assault here:Warning: Viewers may find content distressing.

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