This Shocking Immersive 360¬į Video Transports You To The Hell Of A Slaughterhouse

The animal advocacy organisationAnimal Equality have recently produced a major virtual reality project named iAnimal. The 360degree video transports the spectator into a factory farm and slaughterhouse, and the result is truly devastating.


Source : @iAnimal

The organisation filmed the incredible video over 18 months in several pig farms across the UK, Germany and Italy, as well in one Spanish slaughterhouse.


Source : @iAnimal

In all these countries, as well as in the US,the overwhelming majority of pigs are bred in factoryfarms like the ones we see in the film.The sows (female pigs) are kept in individual stalls after they have been inseminated.They are then forced to give birth onto the concrete covered in their own faeces, with no space to move.In the first few days of their lives, the piglets are castrated, their teeth rippedout and their tails chopped off. This horrific torture is done by hand, without any form of anaesthetic. They are then mercilessly thrown back into their filthy pens.


Source : @iAnimal

Peter Egan, the English actor-turned-activist who narrates the video, explained toHuffington Post :

I have never seen anything as shocking as this in my life. It's devastating, and completely inhumane. Virtual reality enabled me to experience, close up, for just a few minutes, the horror of the short lives of factory farmed animals, to see what they see, to get a real sense of how they live.

Source : @iAnimal

"The practices that take place inside factory farms and slaughterhouses are deliberately kept hidden from the public. Animal Equality believes people have the right to know what happens there", outlinedToni Shephard, Executive Director ofAnimal Equality. She went on to write:

Over the past 20 years I have filmed inside countless factory farms and I have always felt that if I could only take people there - into the farms - so they can see how animals are treated like mere machines, people would stop eating them.

Source : @iAnimal

To move the camera around 360¬į, click on¬†the arrows in the corner of the video.¬†Warning¬†: contains upsetting scenes.

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Andrea A.