This Service Dog Exploded With Joy After Meeting His Favorite Toy In Life Size

Andrea A.

An adorable service dog named Atlas, never leaves his human, Julien Gavino, who is in a wheelchair. But this isn't the pup's only passion. He also has a favourite cuddly toy, Disney's Pluto.

Source: Julian Gavino

Julien decided that after all Atlas has done for him, he deserved a little something in return: meeting his favourite toy in real life. Together, they set off to Disney World, Florida with Gavino saying:

I love seeing Atlas enjoy himself. He deserves it after all his hard work. There are days where he works for very long hours, so he needs this kind of break. It's so important.

Source: Julian Gavino

Atlas was absolutely overjoyed to meet Pluto, as the photos from this magical encounter show. According to Julien, Atlas more than deserved this present:

He gave me my independence. He helps me look for clothes in the morning, get dressed and undressed, open and close drawers, doors, pull my wheelchair, wake me up if I faint, fetches things for me.

He concluded:

He is incredible! He's a friend for life. I am never alone. 

Source: Julian Gavino