This Senior Dog Was So Confused That She Didn't Even Realize She Had Been Rescued

Edith, a senior stray dog from Rajasthan, India, was found wandering the streets by the animal rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited in April.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

She had been seriously injured with a large, infected wound on her back that required urgent treatment. Rescuers couldn't believe that she had managed to keep walking for so long.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

When the team found Edith, she seemed completely dazed and disorientated, walking dangerously close to a busy road.Volunteers managed to secure the dog by placing a blanket over her and picking the fragile canine up, to which she barely reacted. Animal Aid described in a Facebook post:

The only indication that she knew the difference between no blanket and blanket over her eyes was a brief nervous wag of her tail.

Barely aware that she had finally been rescued, Edith was rushed to their shelter, where she could finally be cared for after a long and difficult life on the streets.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

She was dehydrated, malnourished and her wound was deep. However, staff refused to give up and were willing to do whatever it took to help the brave dog.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

They shaved and washed her injury, which had become infested with maggots. Edith was understandably exhausted after her ordeal but she had made the important start on the long road to recovery.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

It took time for the senior dog to get stronger and begin to heal, but with plenty of love and care from staff at the shelter, Edith was able to make a full recovery. She will now live the rest of her life showered with attention, never to go back to the lonely streets again.You can support Animal Aid Unlimited and the incredible work they do by clicking here, making a donation and helping them to continue saving animalsWatch Edith's amazing rescue video below:[embed][/embed]

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