This Senior Dog "Cries" In Distress Seeing Her Family Abandon Her At The Shelter For Another Dog

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On December 30, 2015, two dogs arrived together at strays at the San Bernardino City Shelter in California: a nine-year-old, female Cocker Spaniel and a one-year-old Labrador.A few days later, the family of the two animals came to get them from the shelter. At least, to get the younger of the two dogs. Unable to pay the veterinary costs for the older dog's healthcare, they had to abandon the Cocker Spaniel, named Cookie, and left without returning.

SURRENDERED BY HER OWNERS 1/2/16#A489703 "COOKIE" Rescue only!I am a female, red and buff Cocker Spaniel. Shelter...Publié par Lois Chisholm sur jeudi 31 décembre 2015

The dog, seeing them leave her behind, couldn't stop herself from emitting cries of distress, but in vain. Her family never came back for her.Thankfully, others decided to help Cookie. The organizationOC Small Paws So UThelped the shelter place her with a foster family, which saved her life. Cookie would no doubt have been euthanized if she had stayed in the refuge.

Cookie gets a grooming & a toy!Cookie had her spa day! Years of matting and dirt had to come off!Publié par Pat Kurtz sur lundi 4 janvier 2016

A visit to the veterinarian revealed a number of health problems. The animal had 12 cancerous tumors, which were almost all removed during a surgery in January 2016. Cookie is enjoying a well-deserved second chance at life.


Source: OC Small Paws So UT

Cookie will not be put up for adoption. The members of theorganizationOC Small Paws So UTdecided to keep her with them for the rest of her life, so she can receive the best possible care. Cookie can finally leave her painful past behind her and enjoy the peace of her new life.


Source: OC Small Paws So UT

While the story of this adorable dog has a happy ending, many other dogs are still waiting to be saved.


Source: OC Small Paws So UT

Shelters are full of animals who are waiting for their forever families. Adopt don't shop! It's a shame to bring animals into the world with the goal of being sold. Animals are not merchandise. Adoption saves two live, the one of the animal you bring into your home, and the one who now has a free place in the shelter.You can find a list of adoptable pets near you on Pet Finder.

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