This Sad Little Cat Hid From Everybody Until Just The Right Person Came In


Like many cats, 3-year-old tabby Vincent was extremely shy when his mom first brought him home, writes LoveMeow.com.Found wondering the streets of Edwardsville, Illinois, he had been quiet and withdrawn during the month he'd spent at Metro East Humane Society, despite the efforts of volunteers to help bring him out of his shell.

Source: Hannah

"The shelter staff said he spent all morning hiding in a cat tree away from everyone else," his new mom, Hannah, told LoveMeow. "He was so sad looking it broke my heart."She and her roommate had decided to visit the shelter, although they hadn't gone in with the mind to adopt any of the kitties. All that changed when she saw Vincent, who nuzzled her hand before ducking back into the shadows.

Source: Hannah

The very next day, Hannah returned to the shelter and brought Vincent home with her, determined to give the sad little cat a home where he could finally feel safe.At first, everything seemed to terrify him. Hannah's work uniform, strange noises and new people sent him running into her closet, where he'd sit and wait for it to be 'safe' again. But the young woman knew that all he needed was a little patience and a little love:

I think that [sitting with him, keeping him company] bridged the gap because he was able to come and investigate what I was doing and I wouldn't have to move too much to touch him.

Source: Hannah

After a few days, she was proved right when Vincent slunk out of his hiding place and curled up on Hannah's lap, purring as loudly as he possibly could. Ever since, he's been like a completely different cat!

In the mornings he usually climbs onto my chest to nuzzle his face in my neck and say good morning. Vincent likes to be cradled like a baby once in a blue moon when I'm in bed. He will lay on his back and expect me to scoop him into my arms and hold him like a newborn.

After just 2 weeks, he's proved to be the most affectionate companion ever, and Hannah thinks that Vincent isn't the only one whose life has improved since he came home:

He is genuinely one of the sweetest cats ever! He's helped me so much emotionally and mentally since I got him. I now swear by the old corny saying of 'Who rescued who?' I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful cat.

Source: Hannah

Vincent and Hannah's story goes to show that even the shyest of cats can make the most wonderful and cuddly family members if they are just given a chance.If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting through one of your local shelters, such as theASPCAif you are from the U.S. or theRSPCAif you live in the U.K.

H/t: LoveMeow.com

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