This Rottweiler Has Found An Unlikely Best Friend In A Kangaroo


These two unlikely friends are truly one of a kind. Blue the kangaroo and Trooper the Rottweiler live with their human, Ed Trindall, in Perth, Australia.In a video Trindall posted on YouTube, you can see Blue and Trooper having a whale of a time playing with each other.

The kangaroo likes trying to grab onto the Rottie's face while the dog playfully bites the roo. Jumping around each other, it looks like this duo could play tag for hours.


Source: @YouTube

There's a moment Blue startsstroking Trooper's ears and grooming him and then Trooper rolls over onto his back in submission!

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Source: @YouTube

As Trindall writes in the YouTube description, "This video I would like to share with you as it shows an amazing relationship between two species."Indeed, this is a remarkable friendship and we hope an enduring one too!Watch the video of the two best friends playing tag here:[embed][/embed]