This Raccoon Went For The Ride Of A Lifetime On Garbage Truck Before Evading Police


One raccoon in Virginia, U.S.A., had the ride of a lifetime, after an ordinary trash dig turned into a seven mile detour on the back of a garbage truck.Politico writer Helena Evich was driving in Rosslyn, just outside of Washington D.C., on February 17, when she spotted the critter hanging on for dear life.She tweeted the now infamous photo with the caption, "This raccoon is having a rough morning-just wanted some trash & ended up in Rosslyn! >And yes I alerted the driver."[embed][/embed]Evich claims the team at American Disposal Services were extremely helpful, and the driver was alerted, but it was another seven miles before he was able to pull over.Anna Wilkinson the communications director for the company told ARL Now:

As soon as we found out that the raccoon was on the truck, the driver pulled over because we didn’t want the raccoon to get injured. 

Thankfully, the little guy managed to get down safely once the vehicle had stopped. The driver called animal control, and police officers were sent to the scene.They attempted to catch him, but he eluded their grasp and ran towards a park, seemingly unharmed.The raccoon's adorable adventure captured the hearts of thousands and the original tweet has been viewed more than a million times.


Make sure though, that if you ever see a wild animal in an unusual place like this you call the authorities to help them get back to their natural habitat.

H/t: The Huffington Post