This Puppy Was Thrown Out Like Trash Next To A Dumpster And Barely Survived


In the beginning of January, Hope was found in a rusty cage next to a dumpster, thrown out like old trash. She was estimated to be only a few months old, and was quickly taken in by Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue in South Florida.


Source: Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

The puppywas rushed toSpecialized Veterinary Servicesfor a check up, and they sadly discovered that she was infected with parvovirus.


Source: Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

This disease is highly contagious and can very often be deadly, especially in younger dogs. Normally, puppies are vaccinated which has greatly reduced the number of infected canines, but that clearly wasn't the case for hope.She also lost a lot of blood, and her red blood cell count was extremely low, meaning she needed a blood transfusion.


Source: Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

The poor pup was so weak and sick that she needed to be fed with a syringe. But she never gave up.After a week of treatment, she fought to stand up on her own, and after 10 days she was strong enough to leave the clinic for a foster home.


Source: Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

Her incredible recovery was watched carefully by Florida couple, Sara and Gina Angel, who were vacationing in the U.K. at the time.Sara told iHeartDogs:

We immediately fell in love with her and followed the updates on her condition. We decided that if she was still available when we returned home to the US, we would try and adopt her.

Source: Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

While the adorable puppywas still at her foster home, the Angel's asked to meet her. They brought their other two rescue canines as well, to make sure everyone got along.

Her foster mom said that Hope was usually a little stand offish with new people, but warmed to us, and our dogs, immediately. We brought her back with us that day and she has made herself right at home.

Sweet Hope is loving her new home and adjusting beautifully.


Source: Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

If you would like to help more dogs like her, you can donate to Big Hearts for Big Dogs, here.

H/t: iHeartDogs

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