This Puppy Was Dumped By A Bad Breeder When He Realized He Couldn't Sell Him


This puppy was found in February by a man walking his dog. He had been thrown into a dry riverbed, left to die, reports The Dodo.


Source: Leslie Bird

It was obvious that something was wrong with the tiny canine. The four-month-oldstruggled to breathe and had an visibleproblem with his leg.He had most likely been dumped by a bad breeder when they realized his medical issues, which can most likely be attributed to genetics.


Source: Leslie Bird

The man took the dog to animal control where he eventually found his way toNorCal Bully Breed Rescue.

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Despite his obvious difficulties, it was quickly evident that he was simply a bundle of love. They decided to name him Buggy, and quickly rushed him to the vet.The group wrote on their Facebook page:

Buggy's birth deflects included one usable nostril, an elongated soft palate that constricted his breathing to a tiny pinhole in the soft palate and both front legs deformed including luxating elbows.

This in addition to being severely underweight.


Source: Leslie Bird

Leslie Bird, founder of NorCal Bully breed Rescue, knew they were not going to give up on the pup who was such a fighter. She described to The Dodo the mixed reactions she faced after posting Buggy's story on social media.

One comment said Buggy needed to be rescued from us so he could be euthanized. I began deleting comments. I wanted to keep positive thoughts only.

The vet continued to fight for the dog as well. He got surgery to stabilize his legs and to add in another nostril.


Source: Leslie Bird

Despite needing rest to heal, nothing could keep Buggy down. He started walking with his splints and still has no idea that he's different from any other dog.Now he's on the mend, even if he might need further surgeries in the future.


Source: Leslie Bird

When he's strong enough, he'll be put up for adoption. He'll have lots of special needs so the right home is essential.In the meantime, you can donate to his care at the shelter by clicking, here. If you're interested in adopting Buggy or any other dog, keep an eye on the NorthCal Bully Breed adoption page, here.

H/t: The Dodo

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