This Puppy Was Born Without Back Feet But Now He's Running About Outside

Justin was born without back feet, but that doesn't stop this adorable puppy from running about and playing outside.Thanks to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, US, this bundle of joy has been given a leg up in life.


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Justin was named after a brand of cowboy boots, and now he's got his own little pair of red boots that are helping him get around!


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Wendy, a volunteer from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary described the puppy:

Justin is tough, determined, smart and sweet. Just like all the best cowboys.

The special needs pupwas orphaned when his mum died in child birth, but a loving foster family took the litter of puppies in. Despite being the only one of his siblings with a deformity, Justin was always a confident little boy!


Source: @BestFriends

Before he got his special boots, he managed to hop about balancing on his front paws. But now he can roam about freely with his new shoes which he's adjusted to!


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To top it all off, Justin has just been adopted and absolutely adores his forever mommy! Have you ever seen such ahappy pup?


Source: @BestFriendsVideos

Watch Justin's inspiring story here:[embed][/embed]

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