This Puppy Never Fails To Make Grandma With Alzheimer's Smile

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Winifred Lowe is a 95-year-old English woman whosadly suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Her grandson, Richard Dawson, describes the effects of the cruel condition as crying a lot, becoming angry and frustrated easily, and not knowing where or who she is often.Determined to improve his grandmother's quality of life, Richard thought of a brilliant idea.


Source: Richard Dawson

Hedecided to contactBorrowMyDoggy, a company that puts dog owners in contact with those in need of a fluffy companion, and then allows them to 'borrow' the dog for a few hours,reportsThe Dodo.That's how Winifred met her new four-legged friend Orla, a 9-month-old Dachsund puppy.


Source: Richard Dawson

Richard told The Dodo:

[Orla's owner] brings her over every Tuesday and Thursday for a few hours for Nan to play with. As soon as the dog is put in front of her, she stops and just plays. It makes her forget her worries and pain.


Source: Richard Dawson

The healthbenefits of animal companionship have long since been proven by scientific research, especially for those affected by Alzheimer's.Therapy dogs help people in hospitals, retirement homes, university campuses and even prisons not to feel alone or bored, and bring them some much neededcanine comfort.For Richard Dawson, the arrival of Orla in his grandma's life has been a real blessing. He explains:

The responsibility of a dog on top of caring for my grandparents would be too much. Being able to borrow a dog like this is a great opportunity, especially if the person with Alzheimer's had dogs when they were younger.

BorrowMyDoggyis available in the UK and Ireland. If you would like to find a therapy dog organisation near you in the USA, the American Kennel Club has a comprehensive list here.

H/t: The Dodo

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