This Puppy Just Saw Snow For The First Time And His Reaction Will Make Your Day (Video)


On November 30, people all over the U.K. saw the winter's first snow - the perfect way to welcome in December and the festive season! For one puppy, it was a very exciting event as it was his first snow ever.And what do you do when strange, cold stuff falls from the sky? Go absolutely berserk, of course!https://twitter.com/elleryface/status/936204937905819649Truffle, a Cocker Spaniel puppy from York in the north of England was filmed by his mom, Jo Ellery frolicking joyfully through the snow outside his home. She posted it to Twitter, wanting to share her pooch's giddy happiness with her followers, and it quickly went viral.At the time of writing, her post has been retweeted over 98,000 times and liked over 300,000 times! He's also been featured all over British media, appearing on the BBC and in the Evening Standard.Ellery later put up a second post responding to the delighted messages her video had prompted, saying "It���s a dog mama���s dream for her best boy to get as much love as that clip���s generated," and sharing some photos she took during her energetic pup's "rampage" - including one of him sulking after being forced to go back inside.https://twitter.com/elleryface/status/937082930027028480With temperatures often falling below 0��C (32 Fahrenheit) in Truffle's home town, he's sure to see more snow this winter - and hopefully treat us all to more videos of pure, unbridled joy.You can follow Truffle's adventures on his Twitter page!

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