This Puppy, Destined To Be Eaten, Now Has The Life She Deserves


For the majority of dogs, ending up in a shelter is tragic. But for Sunshine, it was a huge victory.


Source : Humane Society International

At only three months old, the puppy was destined to be slaughtered for her meat, after having spent the beginning of her life in a cramped cage in South Korea.


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But thankfully, Sunshine escaped this tragic fate, as she was one of 57 dogs that the Humane Society International saved from a dog meat farm.


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She landed in the SPCA shelther in San Francisco, where she was no longer in danger and where her living conditions were drastically improved. Even if the end of Sunshine's story was in this shelter, it would have been a happy one.But her life would take another turn for the better when she met Katie Mickey and Kyle Locke, who fell in love with the puppy from the moment they laid eyes on each other. They had always wanted to adopt a shelter dog.


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When the couple heard about the organisation's mission in saving dogs from slaughter and bringing them to the U.S., they immediately know it was the right time to take the plunge. Katie confirms:

This story broke and all of a sudden, it felt like the universe had conspired and all of this had happened for a reason.

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The American got in her car and drove to the SPCA without hesitation, where she filled out the forms to adopt a puppy from South Korea. She went home with sunshine at her side.Despite her difficult start to life, Sunshine lights up the environment around her. She is overflowing with joy and energy, to the delight of her family. With Katie and Kyle, this puppy will live the live she has always deserved.



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 Sadly, hundreds of other dogs are still captive in South Korea and will never be able to enjoy the simple things in life, like a walk with their families. Not all of them are as lucky as Sunshine, and not all of them will be saved from horrible living conditions and a tragic destiny, if nothing is done to eradicate this cruel practice. Humane Society International has numerous campaigns which have already saved hundreds of pups from South Korean slaughterhouses, but there is still a lot to be done. 


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 The NGO is cooperating with local farmers, who are often "forced" to breed dogs for their meat because of the strong demand in the region. The association's volunteers are trying to help them find other forms of revenue, to help with their conversion away from the dog meat industry. 


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 Sunshine's family has created an Instagram account dedicated to their furry friend, so they can show the world that dogs destined for slaughter in Asia are completely normal, happy and loving pets, as they are in the Western world. Contrary to popular belief, there are no "meat dogs" - all dogs are adorable, friendly and deserve a dignified existence with a loving family. 


Source: Humane Society International


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