This Pup Has Been Waiting At The Shelter For 5 Years To Find A Family

Andrea A.

Diamond is an adorable, 8-year-old pup who experiences a traumatic turn of events five years ago. She arrived at the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County in West Virginia after her human passed away, reports The Dodo.


Source: Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County

SInce then, she has been waiting to find a new family. Diamond is a great dog and the shelter volunteers all think of her as their own dog, taking her for walks often.


Source: Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County

When she arrived, still young, Diamond seemed likely to get adopted within a matter of weeks. But the weight of time and hopelessness is starting to weigh down on the pup's spirits. There have been a few potential adopters in the past, but the quickly changed their mind once they found out she was a relatively dominant dog. Danny Wall from the shelter explained:

She's a reactive dog. She doesn't tolerate other dogs well. We've had several phone calls, but they all have another dog in the house or another cat in the house. And that's not going to work out. She definitely needs a one-animal house.


Source: Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County

The shelter has decided to do their best to help Diamond find a family. The volunteers take her to dog training classes every week, so that she can become more tolerant of other dogs. This is not an easy task, but the team is confident she will succeed.

And despite the five long years spent in the shelter cages, this brave pup is not letting life get her down. She continues to light up the lives of those around her with her good mood and sparkling personality.


Source: Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County

Don't hesitate to contact the Animal Welfare if you'd like to adopt Diamond or know someone who could, by clicking here.

H/t: The Dodo