This Pufferfish Refused To Leave His Friend Who Was Stuck In A Fishing Net Until He Was Freed


On March 22, a volunteer from the Thai sea-life associationCore Sea, saved the life of a pufferfish who was caught in a fishing line, reportsThe Dodo.The young man stumbled upon one of the most amazing underwater demonstrations of loyalty ever seen before between two fish.Throughout the rescue mission, a second pufferfish stayed right beside the one in trouble,refusing to leave until his companion could leave with him.


Source: @CoreSea/Facebook

The incredible moment happened whilst the young man was out snorkelling aroundKoh Phangan, off the coast of Southern Thailand.


Source: @CoreSea/Facebook

Thankfully, the young lad caught sight of the trapped fish and was able to intervene. But he never imagined he'd see his friend stay there throughout the rescue operation.He couldn't believe thatother fish didn't even swim off when he approached the net with a broken glass bottle to cut it open.Instead, hewatched every one of the man's movements carefully, making sure his friend was alright throughout.


Source: @CoreSea/Facebook

It was only when the snorkeller managed to free the trapped fish that the two of them then happily swam back out into the ocean.


Source: @CoreSea/Facebook

Whilst little is known about fish and their ability to feel emotions from a scientific point of view, the video below suggests there is much more to our little friends with fins than we might have originally thought...Watch the jaw-dropping scene unfold here:

Porcupine love'til death do us part: the partner of a entrapped porcupine fish is not leaving its side, until some friendly snorkelers free it from a ghost net. Who knew they were so loyal?Credit Core SeaSource https://goo.gl/I6mfjxPosted by Ocean Reality on Tuesday, 22 March 2016

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