This Pregnant German Shepherd Was Found With Two Broken Legs In Turkey

Andrea A.

When she was found in Turkey, Luna, an adorable German Shepherd, had her two front legs broken. Blind and heavily pregnant, she had been cruelly abandoned with no hope of surviving on her own.Luckily, she was found and rescued by Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue.

Source: Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

In a state of shock, Luna was taken to a veterinary clinic, where her puppies were sadly found to have died. After they were removed, the medical team moved on to trying to heal her broken legs. The wounds were so horrendous, untreated for so long, that the open wounds on her legs had become infected. Her rescuers said that they could smell her rotting flesh when she came into the room.

Source: Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

Luna had a blood transfusion and is still in intensive care. Although she is still hovering between life and death, the team think that she has a good chance of survival. To help with her medical costs,click hereto make a donation.

Source: Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

Watch a video of Luna below:[embed][/embed]

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