This Pony's Leg Was Crushed By Her Mother But Thanks To This Man She Can Walk Again


Derrick Campana has earned himself the nickname "Dr. Doolittle," and for a good reason.


Source: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

The orthotistfrom Virginia used to make prosthetics for army veterans until he was approached in 2005 by a veterinarian who needed one made for a dog.When he realized the need for these products in the industry, he changed directions, and dedicated himself entirely to animal care, launching Animal Orthocare.


Source: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Now, he treats over 200 animals every month of all shapes and sizes, fashioning them 3D printed limbs to help them regain mobility.Campana said last year:

We get emails every day on all types of devices. I did elephants in Thailand, a ram in Spain. Goat, sheep, llama. Name it, we’ve probably done it.

Source: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

One of his most recent clients was a pony named Angel Marie. She had lost her front legs after her mother stepped on them right after she was born, rendering them beyond repair.At first Campana wasn't sure he would be able to create something for the horse to help her regain her mobility, as it was an exceptionally difficult case, but he persisted.


Source: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

The prosthetics he made out of molded plastic worked, and seeing Angel walk again was "a dream come true."Without him, the pony probably wouldn't have been able to survive much longer. This Dr. Doolittle is changing lives for animals everywhere and the humans who love them.


Source: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

You can follow along with his work by following his Instagram or on Facebook.Watch the full video about "Dr. Doolittle"below:

H/t: Telegraph U.K.

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