This Pony Went From Abuse And Neglect To Winning Awards All Thanks To Love


Seven years ago, this pony was rescued from a farm by theRSPCA, where he was found with several other ponies, all extremely malnourished and abused.


Source: RSPCA

After he had time to recover, he was put up for adoption. The pony, named Roy, immediately caught the eye ofZara Johnstone-Evans, who trains horses and ponies for show competitions.But even more enamored with Roy, was her six-year-old son, Toby. She wrote in a press release:

I got him for me to show but he was so gentle with Toby and they have done so well together, Toby’s now telling people Roy is his pony!

Source: RSPCA

Within one year of his adoption, Roy was already revealing himself to be an incredible show horse. He was accepted into the Royal Windsor Horse Show, which the Queen of England, herself, attends.The pony was ridden by both Zara and Toby, and no doubt in part thanks to the bond they all share, Roy won his division, becoming the "Mini Champion."


Source: RSPCA

Cathy Hyde, who works with the equine division at the RSPCA, described the joy she felt seeing Roy make such great strides after his difficult start to life.

I helped care for Roy when we rescued him so to watch his transformation back then was incredible, but to see him flourish in his new home now is wonderful. It’s a true rags to riches tale.

Source: RSPCA

The love that his new family has for him goes way beyond his abilities as a show horse. Zara said:

I am so proud of Roy; he may be very successful in the show ring, but he’s also our family pet. He actually does very little in between these amazing wins. I lunge him to keep him fit, but really he’s very low maintenance. We adore him.

Roy is a perfect example of all that animals can become when they are given the love and care they truly deserve.

H/t: The Dodo

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