This Pig Who Was Saved From An Abattoir Is Now A Famous "Painter"


Two years ago, Pigcasso, a 204 kg pig, was rescued from an abattoir in South Africa when she was just four weeks old. She was then taken to Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschloek, the Western Cape.

Source: Facebook

When she arrived, the head of the sanctuary, Joanne Lefson, gave Pigcasso some toys so that she could amuse herself. Among these were paintbrushes which she immediately took a liking to. Joanne then brought her a pot of paint and a canvas and the rest is history.

Source: Facebook

From that moment on, she continued to carry out "her passion" and now has her own gallery and exhibitions. Pigcasso has a huge fan base and her paintings sell for up to $2000. Joanne said in Metro:

I do not force her to paint. Often we to pack an overloaded picnic basket and she pigs out on organic strawberries, guavas and caramel-coated popcorn in between brushstrokes. 

Source: Facebook

Pigcasso's popularity is hardly surprising, even if her talent is very unique. Pigs are intelligent animals that like to be intellectually stimulated so to avoid boredom.

Source: Facebook

Pigcasso is to this day, the only pig painter in the world.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIpmihr0pFU[/embed]

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