This Philanthropic Dog Is Selling Golf Balls To Raise Money For Animals In Need


Davos is a six-year-old Bernese Mountain dog from Minnesota, and like many other canines, he's curious and loves playing fetch.


Source: Al Cooper

His human, Al Cooper, tends to take advantage of Davos' tracking instincts on the golf course. He told KARE 11:

I'm a lousy golfer, but he's a good retriever.

Whenever Cooper hits a ball into the brush, his faithful dog springs into action to retrieve it. During his recovery missions, he also found plenty of other golf balls that others have lost.


Source: Al Cooper

One day, anASPCAcommercial came on TV, and Davos started crying, clearly upset.

Posted by Al Cooper on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This reaction sparked an idea for Cooper. He decided to sell back the balls that the canine found for 25 cents each, with all the proceeds going towards helping needy animalsAnimal Humane Society in Golden Valley.


Source: Al Cooper

Thanks to the cutest salesman ever, Davos and Cooper raised over $100, selling 400 golf balls.The pair presented their hard earned funds to the rescue for the cameras, which you can see below:

The publicity raised by the broadcast ended up driving upbusiness, so the donations continue to flood in.

New Record!!! Collected $30 in golf ball sales today! Must be because of the news article. Maybe another donation coming soon.Oh, yes, I noticed a dime and penny doesn't equal 25 cents...oh, well.Posted by Al Cooper on Thursday, May 25, 2017

If you would like to make your own contribution to the Animal Humane Society, you can do so, here.

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