This Paralyzed Dog Abandoned In The Street Defies Expectations And Learns To Walk Again


This dog was found living on the streets in Mexico. He was partiallyparalyzed and could only get around by dragging his legs behind him.


Source: Compassion Without Borders

Rescuers from Compassion Without Bordersfound him and decided to do everything possible to save him. They weren't sure he would be able to walk again, as he had been in this condition for months.But the dog, later called Toby, never gave up.Despite the challenges ahead, they wrapped him up in a towel, and brought him to the shelter.


Source: Compassion Without Borders

They gave him the food and veterinary care he desperately needed, before starting him on a physical therapy regimen.The organization moved him to a foster home in California where he started doing exercises to increase the mobility in his legs.


Source: Compassion Without Borders

Slowly, he started to be able to stand, and then walk a few feet before having to collapse again.But after months of work and care, Toby can once again use his hind legs! He was adopted by another family in California, where he receives infinite love and care.


Source: Compassion Without Borders

If you would like to donate to Compassion Without Borders to help them continue their amazing, life-saving work, you can do so here.Watch the full video about Toby's rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RROrojLi1xc[/embed]

H/t: The Dodo