This Orphaned Donkey Was So Desperate For Help That She Followed A Woman Home


Chloe the donkey was only six days old when she was found by the side of a road in Arizona, USA. C arla, a local resident, was driving with her son in March when she spotted the young animal and knew that she had to help her. The donkey was exhausted and seriously injured, with a deep wound on her neck.


Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

The kind lady was willing to do whatever it took to get the little animal home with her, but to her surprise, Chloe was so desperate for help, that she didn't hesitate to follow Carla all the wayto her apartment building.However, when they arrived, Chloe was so weak that she had to be carried upstairs. The generous lady gave the donkey some water before quickly realizing that she did not have the resources to give the injured animal the care that she desperately needed.


Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

Carla enlisted the help of the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization (AERO), who rushed to the donkey's rescue.They knew upon arrival that Chloe was in critical condition; she was malnourished, dehydrated, and the huge gash on her neck, that they suspected had been inflicted by an older donkey, had become badly infected.


Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

Volunteers hurried Chloe to an emergency vet, who began to re-hydrate her; sending her fragile body into shock. However, the determined animal decided that she was ready to fight for her life and slowly started to grow stronger. Annie Brown from AERO describedto AZ Family:

We had to rush her immediately to Chaparral (Veterinary Medical Center) or she wouldn't make it. She was just that bad.

In order to aid the young animal's recovery, the shelter brought her a surrogate mother, Jessica, and she began to nurse, and also fitted her with a supplementary feeding tube.


Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

Slowly, the young donkey startedto demonstrate some normal behaviors for an animal of her age. AERO described on their Facebook page:

Chloe is starting to show an interest in hay.... and she's moving around and getting stronger.

She has gradually become more active and has come on leaps and bounds since she first arrived at the rescue center. Volunteers continued:

Last night we moved Jessica and Chloe into the 'Crib' which is a larger space and Chloe ran and ran and ran circles she was so excited to have more room. 
chloe-donkey-rescue-5 (2)

Source: Arizona Equine Rescue Organization

If you would like to follow Chloe's progress, you can visit the AERO Facebook page, here. Additionally, if you would like to support this organization and the amazing work they do, you can make sponsor a horse, here.

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