This Organisation Is Offering Vital Shelter To Pets Of Orlando Shooting Victims


In the wake of the horrific eventsin Orlando this weekend, organisations are doing all they can to support the victims. That's why the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is offering to provide care for cats and dogs that have been indirectly affected by what happened.The nonprofit will give shelter to the pets of victims, recognising that family and friends are not necessarily in the position to look after these animals.


Source: @Ethology

It's not just the pets of the victims who were tragically killed, however: the Pet Alliance will also provide care for the beloved animals of those who are recovering in hospitals.In addition, foster homes in the area are promising to help out these pets.Though nobody has asked for help yet, it remains available at the Pet Alliance but also at other generous organisations in the area.If you want to help, you can do so by making a donation.

H/t: @Barkpost