This Orangutan Was Shackled Between Buildings And Forced To Entertain Family Who Held Him Captive

Orangutans are being threatened with extinction from the palm oil industry and pet trade trade. As their habitat is destroyed, more and more are pushed out into the open.A victim of this plight, Mingky, the orangutan,was found in Indonesia chained by the neck in between two walls only two feet apart. His owner had kept him there for almost a year, only visiting once a day to feed him fruit and rice.


Source: Orangutan Information Center

The primate had been captured on a farm near the forest where he lived. He was all alone, since his mother had most likely been killed at some point during his short life.His captor supposedly released him to a friend this past February, and he decided to use Mingky as entertainment for his family.He was stuck in the gap between the buildings, bolted to the wall, hugging himself to sleep. Countless people walked past, but it was not until a member of the teamat Orangutan Information Center(OIC) stumbled upon the helpless animal, that he was finally rescued.


Source: Orangutan Information Center

Capturing an orangutan is illegal in Indonesia, and the OIC involved local police to help free Mingky. The owner willingly gave up the monkey to rescuers, but charges were not filed against him. Police did not consider him accountable, since the primate was reportedly a gift.Mingky was understandably afraid and hostile towards anyone trying to come near him, so OIC volunteers had to tranquilize him before releasing him from his chains.


Source: Orangutan Information Center

Today, he is safe and sound at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme(SOCP), where he is being kept in quarantine to make sure he is in good enough health before being rehabilitated for the wild.


Source: Orangutan Information Center

Mingky is not the only orangutan in his position. There are unfortunately plenty more like him. If you would like to help put a stop to the industry and give these chimps a better chance at life, you can donate to the OIC or SOCP.

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