This One-Eyed Puppy Who No One Wanted Got Adopted By His Perfect Match... A One-Eyed Man


This is the incredible story of Jordan Trent, a 32-year-old man who became blind in one eye when he was 15 years old, following a gardening accident. Despite his painful ordeal, it didn't stop Trent from leading a happy and fulfilled life alongside his wife and two kids.All that was missing from his lovely family was a little fluffy companion, but they didn't have any intention of adopting a dog until this happened...

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Whilst Trent and his family were walking aroundGeorgetown, Texas, a little thing called fate stepped into play. Whilst walking around a market, they came across a dog breeder andspotted that one little puppy left. All alone, no one had wanted to adopt him.It was then that Trent's children realised something incredible...This miniature Australian Shepherd puppy was alsoone-eyed.

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Despite having no intentions of adopting a puppy anytime soon, Trent's family knew they had to adopt the puppy called 'Bear' straight away.Completely stunned by the whole thing, Trent's children exclaimed:

He's blind in one eye like you, Dad. We have to get him.

And indeed they did! The father-of-two said:

No one had wanted to adopt him, so it was perfect for us!
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Soon, their story was all over the news and social media. A photo of them shared on Imgur received over 3 million views within a few days.

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Thrilled in his new home, Shiner Solo (his new name), is loving life with his family!

Jordan has a very good sense of humour about the situation:

Sometimes he’ll run into things and you can tell he has some problem with his depth persecution, as do I. He’s playful, loves to be held, has the cutest little bark and gets along great with the whole family.

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Jordan concluded:

All animals need love no matter what they look like, their physical deformities, or how many eyes they have.  

Shiner Solo loves his nap time...


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And he clearly likes some of the same things as his dad...

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Sometimes coincidence and fate really do make the world go round.

We wish Shiner Solo and Trent and all his family so much love and happiness for the future!

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