This Old Horse Collapses In The Street After Being Pushed Past His Limits

In the streets of New York in front of many eyewitnesses, the driver of a horse-drawn carriage recently pushed his horse, Norman, past its limits, so far that the animalcollapsed in the middle of the street.It happened on September 11 at 2 o'clock in the morning at the crossing of 12th and 50th avenues in the American hub. The horse, who was 14 years old, stopped at a red robot. When the robot turned green, Normanwouldn't move. He was too tired. The coach driver then "yelled" at him to go, according Bodgan Paul Angheluta's story, which he told to the New York Post.


Source: Bogdan Paul Angheluta

The horse was on the ground, panicked and exhausted after the driver's endless shouting. He was breathing slowly and heavily.The eyewitness continued:

I’m 100 percent positive. He was forcing him to make the light. The horse was tired.

Bogdan Paul Angheluta tried to comfort Norman, but the staff fromClinton Park Stables, the stables responsible for the animal, arrived ten minutes later and asked everyone to clear the premises. They gave the horsesome water and put "something" in his mouth, according to the eyewitness.Norman stayed on the ground like that for twenty minutes before barely gathering himself and getting up. He then had to continue on the route.


Source: Bogdan Paul Angheluta

Bogdan Paul Angheluta was shocked enough by this treatment of the old animal to alert the association NYCLASS, who is fighting for the abolition of horse-drawn carriages as transport in New York.The story was shared across global media and other associations also expressed their fury. PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) called this tourist attraction a "cruel relic of the past".The transport company responded to critics in the midst of the media surge by denying every point made by the eyewitness. "He didn’t collapse, he tripped himself. He’s kind of a klutz." explained the spokesperson of Clinton Park Stables.According to the company, Norman is doing well and has shown no signs of trauma after the event.


Source: Flickr

Animal defenders have for many years been condemning the inherent cruelty of horse-drawn transport in New York. Accidents are commonplace and the animals are forced to work in inhumane conditions, for long hours without rest and also in extreme heat.NYCLASS has launched a petition to put an end to these outdated tourist activities. To add your voice, click here.

Andrea A.