This Mystery Cat Has Become The Resident Boss Of A UK Supermarket, And He's Not Leaving

A cat has decided he's the new boss ofa Sainsbury's supermarket and refuses to leave, even when the staff try and remove him. He's become a local celebrity at the Brockley branch, South London. And no wonder, look at that face. So much sass.


Source: @PadidEh

The defiantginger cat has been dubbed the store’s resident cat and is frequently spotted by grocery shoppers. Sometimes he prowls around the store, other times he sits on a shelf, supervising operations inside the supermarket. Beware - don't look him in the eye, he sees straight through you. have taken to social media posting pictures and videos of the cat while he goes about his daily duties in the supermarket. One local recently tweeted:

Cat just chilling in Brockley Sainsbury's. Security tried to remove him. He sauntered straight back in. 

Source: @JennyStevens

The mystery cat is clearly having a ball, but there are concerns that all of the fame will go to his head. Either way, on his breaks, he enjoys caresses from shoppers. Apparently, you can get a discount on Granny Smith's for a 5 minute massage.


Source: @TheCatReviewer

Recently, Adam Oliver, a resident who lives near by, came forward admitting the catbelongs to him and his name is Olly.And my, does the star of Brockley know exactly how to win over his audience! Disappearing for a few days, he returns with almighty force, fluffier and sassier than before.


— Harriet Langford (@HarrietLangford) November 11, 2015

What a legendary cat! If you spot Olly, be sure to share your photos of him with us!

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