This Mother Was Stuck In A Mudbath But Refused To Leave Until Her Puppies Were Safe


Last September,Stormy, a female German Shepherd, was found under the rubble in a construction site in Glendale, US.According toThe Dodo, the poor dog was struggling for days, trying to free her puppies from the deadly mud they were all trapped in.


Source : @theDodo

When volunteers fromSaving Paws Rescue AZarrived on the scene, they never imagined how complicated the rescue mission would be.Torrential rain had made it virtually impossible to access the place where the mummy and her puppies were.Stuck under giant beams, Stormy refused to leave without her puppies. Despite the blazing sun causing 41 degree heat, no one managed to persuade the mummy to come out. She had lost contact with her puppies in the mudbath and wasn't going anywhere without them.


Source : @theDodo

The volunteers realised their only option was to dig through the mud. After thirty minutes of digging in the sweltering heat, Stormy was finally out of danger. But that wasn't what mattered to her, the puppies had to be rescued.


Source : @theDodo

Houlihan and Williams, the two volunteers, thankfully managed to find and save Stormy's babies.

Although they thought the story might endthere, the worst was sadly yet to come...

Her life was still in grave danger

Stormy and her puppies were finally back together, and Susan Pratt, one of the volunteers, adopted the little family.


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But whilst the mummy German Shepherd seemed to be fine, her health was actually deteriorating daily.She suffered severe hemorrhages and frequent boutsof anaemia which was putting her babies in danger. The family would have to be separated for now.


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A visit to the vet later, and it was discovered that Stormy was suffering from heartworm disease.So a special clinic calledVetMedtook her in and said that she needed specialist long-term care that she might not survive through.


Source : @theDodo

In October, her puppies were put up for adoption. But Stormy was still fighting her illness, with her human by her side.

A new lease on life

In January, a visit to the vet confirmed that Stormy was completely cured fromher illness!These photos of her running about are pretty solid evidence. Her humans Lisa andDavid,have another German Shepherd, and the two have become the ultimate companions.


Source : @SavingPaws

On theirFacebookpage, the charity were thrilled to announce that Stormy was awarded theHero Award for Animal Survivor of the Year by the charityFriend of Animal Care & Control.And no one deserves it more!


Source : @SavingPaws

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