This Monkey's Hilarious Reaction To Seeing A Magic Trick Is Everything

This had us giggling all morning. When you see this monkey cracking up at a magic trick, you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face. You'll be sharing it with all your friends!Before he even sees the magic trick, this beautiful orangutanhas got us enchanted with his loving gaze... and would you look at those eyelashes! Sadly, the orangutan is in a zoo in Barcelona, but at least they're keeping him entertained...


Source: @YouTube

The manin the video shows him a cup with a cherry in it, then shakes it about (not sure he was trained in the art ofsleight of hand) and shows him what is now... An empty cup! But how?!?The monkey inspects it for a second then totally loses it, finding it absolutely hilarious. He literally goes ape!Watch his amazing reaction here:

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