This Mom Surprises Her Daughter After The Death Of Their Cat And Her Reaction Is Priceless


Marley Frost lost her best friend Simon last year. The elderly black cat and the human child had been inseparable. Her mom, Nikki, wasn't expecting to get a new kitten, but as fate would have it, one who looked just like Simon was found and needed a home. She explained to Love Meow:

Ella was actually found under a friend's porch with a sibling, their mother believed to have been killed on the road.

Source: Nikki Frost/Youtube

The family already had two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig, but nothing could quite fill the hole in Marley's heart left by the loss of Simon.


Source: Nikki Frost/Youtube

After the kitten, named Ella, was bottle fed and ready to be adopted, Nikki decided to plan the surprise for Marley.

I had no intention of bringing another cat home, but... sometimes you just know these things are meant to be. Marley had NO IDEA, she had come home from a friend's house and the rest is history!

Watch the priceless reaction below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg_vjRKIjak[/embed]Today, Ella has gotten a little bigger and her and Marley are as completely obsessed with each other as ever.


Source: Nikki Frost

Black cats have the hardest time being adopted out of any other color, so the fact that Ella got a home right away is an amazing achievement, but not all are so lucky. Many shelters offer discounts on black animals or offer special days where adoption fees are waved.Check out Petfinderto adopt your own black animal, or any other color, to give them an amazing home.

H/t: Love Meow