This Miracle Baby Pit Bull Never Imagined He Would See His Beloved Saviour Again


Mojo was just three months old when Joey Wagner found him in a horrific condition. The baby Pit Bull was suffering from demodicosis, a serious skin condition which affects dogs, causing hair loss and skin infection. When he was found, he had only a few hours left.


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Joey's immediate response was to take the pup to the animal hospital, where he was put in intensive care straight away. By some miracle, Mojo started to get better after just a few days of treatment.

In the meantime, many people came forward to adopt the adorable little Pit Bull, touched by his story. Unfortunately, doctors wouldn't give him to a "normal" family - he needs extra special attention due to his medical condition.


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And then Joey and Mojo's paths crossed once more. When he found out about the pup's recovery and his difficulties finding a new home, his original saviour decided he would come forward.

He had two things on his side: it's true that Mojo owed him his life, but he is also one of the founders of the NGO Baie Ste Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia, Canada, an organisation which takes in abandoned animals. The doctors happily concluded that Joey was the man for the job.


Source: @HeartsofPets

A few months later, Joey arrived at the hospital to collect the pup he had rescued. Mojo seemed shy at first, until he recognised his saviour...and couldn't stay still! The dog jumped into Joey's arms for a cuddle, overjoyed that they were finally reunited.


Source: @HeartsofPets

Two years have gone by since the heartwarming reunion. His hair hasn't grown back completely but now he is a much healthier pup with an irrepressible thirst for life! He's growing up amongst a loving family and has fun every day with his other dog pals.


Source: @HeartsofPets

Take a look at their moving reunion:


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