This Man Saved A Sick Kitten From The Streets - Little Did He Know He'd Get Saved Too


One Redditor shared the touching story of how he met his feline friend on the user-generated site on the New Year.The man,Derpton89, had been feeding three kittens he found after their mother had abandoned them. His building outlawed animals, so he wasn't able to bring them inside.


Source: Derpton89

Sadly, one day when he returned, he saw that two of the kittens had died from an infection, and the third was barely hanging on. He decided to take the risk and snuck the cat into his apartment.

He couldn't see or walk properly. He fell asleep instantly after I fed him some food and gave him a bed (or myself in this case) to rest on.

Source: Derpton89

He immediately brought him to the vet the next day where they gave him an IV and medicine. Soon the kitten, who he decided to name Dante, was able to open his eyes and stand for the first time.After two weeks, the feline was almost completely transformed. He was meowing and eating as normal and became more active.


Source: Derpton89

He loves cuddling with his human, who was suffering from his own illness when Dante was found.


Source: Derpton89

The man suffered from depression, but the kitten was just what he needed to help pull him out.


Source: Derpton89

In a way, they saved each other! Another touching story demonstrating the amazing impact of animals.

H/t: Reddit