This Man Risks Losing His Dog Once He Retires - The Web Mobilizes To Help

Andrea A.

After 34 years of good and loyal service for the West Mercia Police Department in England, Sergent David Evans is ready to retire in the April.


Source: Jennie Evans

However, the man from Shropshire, can't bring himself to enjoy the news: by leaving the police force, he will also have to leave behind his canine partner, Ivy, a four-year-old, Malinois, German Shepherd mix. The normal retirement age for these dogs is eight. The sergent has to leave her with her new guardian so that Ivy can continue her work.David Evans has a "broken heart," according to his daughter Jennie. The connection between Ivy and the officer is extremely strong, and he can't imagine life without her. The young woman has launched a petition asking the force to allow her father to keep the dog.


Source: Jennie Evans

David even offered to buy Ivy and pay the costs for her replacement. The training of a police dog is extremely costly: 24,000 pounds or almost 30,000 dollars.Jennie Evans continued:

Dad sacrificed many family moments with the support of his wife to enable him to undergo months of training with his police dogs. West Mercia need to show they appreciate these efforts and do not treat dogs as dispensable equipment that can be 'handed down' to other people.

Source: Jennie Evans

The police director of West Mercia, Anthony Bangham, has shown positive signs, recognizing the "unique link between an officer and his dog." He also proposed a meeting with David Evans.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to sign the petition by clicking here.

H/t: BBC

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