This Man Rescued A Pelican And The Two Are Now Fisherman Friends

Here at the Holidog Times, we've seen our fair share of unlikely friendships. But a man rescuing a pelican and taking him under his wing (excuse the pun), even teaching him how to fish, is something extraordinary.


Source: @YouTube

After being separated from his flock during a storm, the pelican, who's been nicknamed 'Bigbird', was taken in by the staff at a safari camp on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Jeffrey Condon, the camp manager, took Bigbird out each morning and taught him how to fish.

In the GoPro video, Jeffrey says:

We've been teaching him pretty much everything he needs to know. We want to try to get him fishing for himself. We're spending a bit of time with him in the water, swimming and diving under the water. 

Source: @YouTube

Now the pelican has taken on the safari camp as his own flock and has successfully learned how to fish with Jeffrey onboard his canoe. What better way to thank his new best friend, Jeffrey, than with plenty of cuddles?!


Source: @YouTube

Watch the GoPro video of their incredible adventures together here:

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