This Man Has Rescued 23 Cats And Built Them A $50,000 Paradise Home


In 1988, Peter Cohen bought a house in California where he lived with two cats. Sadly, both animals passed away a while later due to accidents that occured outside the house, and he was very affected by the loss. Peter then decided that the next cat he would adopt, would be an inside cat.

He did not stop at one cat, however. Peter continued to adopt more and more as the years went by.


Source: Zen by Cat

Today, he lives with his 23 adopted cats who were all saved from shelters. Peter has a very unique way of choosing them:

We try to take the kittens that other people don’t want, especially kittens that have been traumatized. [...] We only adopt kittens because it is easier to introduce them into our house. I often see ads searching for homes for cats and feel bad we cannot take them as well.

In order for the kitties to enjoy their lives to the fullest and to have all the free space they need, the cat lover slowly but surely transformed his home into a feline paradise.


Source: Zen by Cat

Nearly 30 years after having bought the house, it is now known as the "House of Nekko! The animals cannot go outside, but they have tunnels that connect rooms, doors and the ceiling and have free reign to wander around their playground, play and scratch all the want.


Source: Zen by CatPeter told The Independant:

We think our cats are living fun, interesting, healthy lives with us. Healthy cats are happy cats and we then enjoy their love back to us.  They can run around the catwalks at amazing speeds, or they can just hang out on one of the upper walks and enjoy the view.

Source: Zen by Cat

When Peter has to go away for work, the cats are under surveillance with 25 cameras around the house, so he can check up on them anytime. Creating this kitty jungle has cost him $50,000 over the years. His project has been well met by animal lovers and has also helped spread awareness aboutFeline Infectious Peritonitis.This severe disease affects around 20% of cats, and cost Peter the life of his precious Peanut. He has raised around $6,000 and donated it to research on the illness since September 2016.You can support Peter in his wonderful initiative by clicking here. Take a virtual tour of his kitty paradise home below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okOVxfuSYPk[/embed]

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