This Man Gives 450 Dogs A Second Chance At Life In His Incredible Sanctuary


Sasa Pejčić had seen enough dogs suffering in the streets of his native country, Serbia. On the remains of an abandoned stable in the townNiš, Sasa has built a sanctuary where he receives these dogs and looks after them. A real-life dog haven where 450 strays are now thoroughly enjoying life.


Source : @HarmonyFundSasa has always loved animals. For many years,he helped street dogs by providing them with the care and food they were in desperate need of. In 2008, he noticed that lots of the dogs hewas in contact with were disappearing without any apparent reason. He soon learned that the local pound was taking and killing hundreds of dogs in order to "control and limit the population".Revolted by this system, Sasa decided to take over an old stable where he could accommodate as many dogs as possible and help them escape their terrible fate.


Source : @HarmonyFundAll the dogs gathered here have been vaccinated, chipped and neutered. They spend their days playing together around the sanctuary's vast terrainand their nights inside, where they can stay safe and warm.A number of volunteers come and lend Sasa a helping hand with the daily running of the refuge.


Source : @HarmonyFundAll of the dogs are available for adoption. Most of them end up finding a loving family, in Serbia or in other countries.


Source : @HarmonyFundSadly, only88 of the dogs living here so far have been fortunate enough to have a sponsor who finances theirmedical care and food. If £9 is how much it costs to meet the needs of one dog, imagine having 450 mouths to feed !


Source : @HarmonyFundSo Sasa completely depends upon the generosity of individualswho want to help him make this paradise accessible to as many dogs as possible. If you want to know how to support the refuge, pleasevisitthis page.Well done to this animal lover for his incredible devotion !Here are a few clips from life at the sanctuary:[embed][/embed]