This Man Filmed Himself Hitting His Dog Then Put The Video Online

Andrea A.

A man from Essonne, northern France, has recently come under fire after he thought it would be a good idea to upload a video of him abusing his four month old American Staffordshire, on Snapchat.In the video, posted early March, you can see the poor dog being held by the scruff of his neck while being beaten several times with a belt.After being alerted by several horrified internet users, a pet aid charity filed a complaint on March 10 to Massy (southern Paris) police, who later found the culprit just hours later. The puppy, named Naya, was immediately rescued and taken to a shelter.

Source: Fondation Assistance aux Animaux

Anne-Claire Chauvancy, member of the charity that helped rescue Naya, said to French newspaperLe Parisien(article in French):

She still has blow marks and is extremely fearful. She cowers at the slighest sound.

The charity has filed an "animal cruelty" complaint against Naya's owner and have promised to their best to follow it through with a possible 30,000 euro ($37,000) fine and up to two years in prison being on the cards.American Staffordshire dogs have often been victims of animal abuse, especially since the beginning of the year. In the beginning of February, a man was arrested after dragging his dog, Gucci, behind his scooter in the middle of the road. Anne-Claire Chauvancy said:

At the moment, we get five or six of them a week. 

H/t: Le Parisien