This Man And His Dog Biked Across Canada To Help Abused Animals

Andrea A.

For two years, Frank Sapach and his German Shepherd Sheila have been travelling across Canada, by bike, to raise awareness for abused and abandoned animals.


SourceWhen they started their journey in June 2013, the pair didn’t think they’d get very far. At 62 years old, Frank Sapach suffers from severe arthritis and cancer.


Source“Doctors told me that my dog would outlive me”, he says.

“I was planning to start walking and if something should happen to me, someone would take care of my dog. But after a month of walking, I wasn’t sick anymore.


SourceHe attributes this miracle to physical exercise, peace of mind and his dog’s friendship.

“Sheila changed my way of seeing and treating animals.”


SourceThis is the reason for his adventure. Frank Sapach is travelling across Canada to raise awareness. Along with Sheila he is trying to encourage as many people as possible to acknowledge the plight of animals and to respect and care for even the unluckiest of animals.

Written on his trailer is, “Barking across Canada. For homeless & abused pets.”


SourceThe pair have already covered over 5000 km and have been spreading the word to everyone they meet.

This animal lover is convinced that we can change things slowly, one step at a time. He never liked the usual method of showing images of the brutal suffering and horrible things that happen to animals. Instead, he sees his way as an effective, alternative method to ignite enthusiasm for the cause.

“People don’t change the channel or turn off the TV when they see Sheila”, he explains.


SourceWith Sheila and his bike and trailer weighing over 136 kilos, (he even has a small motor for going up hills), his journey for animals continues this year. 

“We weren’t in a hurry and we didn’t have a schedule. It’s just the story of a man and his dog on an adventure.”

You can follow their trek on their Facebook page.

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