This Little Yorkshire Terrier Was Half Blind After 5 Years Locked In A Basement


On November 22, volunteers from the LISA association (Ligue dans l'intérêt de la société et de l'animal, or League for the Interests of Society and Animals in French) in the Ardennes region of France rescued a Yorkshire Terrier cross called Bob, who had been shut in a basement for 5 years by his family.

Source: Association Lisa

The dog was shut away by his owners for 'being naughty' and lived his life in a dark, damp and dirty room with no natural light whatsoever. He was only saved after a young woman reported his situation.

A dog treated "like an object"

Bob's family shut him in the basement within a year of having him, never letting him out. There were no windows or even any heating in the cramped, cold room where he spent his days.He was fed every day, but never groomed or washed, and had to live in his own urine and excrement until the room was cleaned. According to Sabrina, one of the volunteers who went to save the little dog, Bob was was treated "like an object someone could lock away in a cupboard".

Source: Association Lisa

The years locked in the dark have made poor Bob nearly go blind, as well as seen his fur grow unkempt, long and filthy. Following the rescue, the terrier was sent to a groomer, who cut away 3 kilos of matted hair before he was washed and taken to a foster home.

"Everyone knew that a little dog was being shut in that house's basement"

According to the report filed by LISA about Bob's rescue, what was happening to him was well known among the people who lived in the village where he lived.

Source: Association Lisa

Although people can report abuse to LISA anonymously, no one aside from the young woman who came forward, had told anyone who could help Bob about the abuse he was facing. Members of the association expressed their frustration at this fact online, reminding their readers that animal abuse must be reported:

We are furious, no one came forward... Why? We would like to remind everyone that any tip-offs stay ANONYMOUS! We only need your telephone number so we can contact you if we have any questions.

A new life for Bob

Today, Bob is still being kept safe and sound with LISA's volunteers, who have been happy to see how popular he's become on their Facebook page. Veterinarians carig for him discovered that he was older than his old family had said - 10 years old, rather than 6 - casting doubts on if he was only shut away for 5 years.Despite the abuse humans have shown him in the past, he has become an affectionate dog, who is sure to bring joy to whichever family welcomes him next.

If you see or suspect that an animal is being abused, report it immediately! Stories like Bob's show that it only takes one person to save an animal from a life of misery that it doesn't deserve.If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting through one of your local shelters, such as theASPCAif you are from the U.S. or theRSPCAif you live in the U.K.

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